Tuesday, October 07, 2014

DO YOU KNOW HOW TO FIND A HERO? Before he died Martin Romero, who had stage IV brain cancer, wanted to do something for his community - Albuquerque, New Mexico. That is where he had played baseball since he was 6 years old, making it a second home. For his wish the fourteen-year-old asked the Make-A-Wish Foundation to improve the local baseball fields .The Foundation granted Martin’s wish and donated $2,000 to imcprove the South Valley Little League Baseball Field. Unfortunately, Martin did not live long enough to see the new field; but a painting of him looks proudly over the field – his “Field of Dreams”. Sydney Keiser is a fashion phenom. Every morning she creates whatever comes to mind, using paper, tape and scissors and practices design techniques for 10 hours a day. She has help with intricate designs, but she maintains creative control. Some of her dresses were featured on an instagram account, resulting in more than 400 followers. One of the many e-mails she received was from J. Crew. As a result, Sydney will be working with J. Crew to create a 2015 summer collection for children. Sydney says designs come from her head - which puts her “ a head” of most four-year-olds Nicole Bollerman is a twenty-six-year-old teacher. She teaches third grade at UP Academy Dorchester, a public charter school that is a year old. Bollerman won the grand prize in an online contest – “Wish For Others”. There is a lot she could have done for herself with $150,000, but she chose to give it all to her school. When she was interviewed, she said she had wished for her students, wanting to make their lives a little better. Capital One, the sponsor of the contest, also funded three books for each student in the school. However, lessons are not always learned from books. Herman Travis is 55 and he lives in a low-income housing project in San Francisco. Every Tuesday he fills a shopping cart with food from a local food bank and makes home deliveries to his elderly and disabled neighbors. Travis started doing this in 2007. Now in 2014 there are people in other housing complexes who have tried in vain to pay Travis to bring food to them. Travis enjoys what he does. He’s filling a need and that makes him feel good. He says he sleeps well at night. Maybe Herman Travis has discovered a cure for insomnia.

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